WBA 2nd and 3rd Grade Rules

- Total court time is 90 minutes

- 45 min of practice time for skill development


Names of the locations on the court

Basketball terminology (steal, press, zone, man-to-man, cutting, etc.)
            Teach proper screen technique

- Proper shooting technique should be taught

            Emphasizing shooting from the shoulder or ear, and not from the stomach; bending legs to shoot the ball should be emphasized

- Proper foul line organization and inbounding technique

- 45 Minutes for game time

- Coaches referee games for teaching purposes

Call fouls

Call excessive travels and double dribbles

Call out of bounds

- Substitutions every 5 to 7 minutes

-  No back-court defense

-  No pressing

-  No screens / picks

-  Zone defense only

-  Steals only allowed off of a pass (not when a player is dribbling) and only after the first pass

In instances of highly lopsided scores at halftime of games such as when one team is unable to score and another is scoring easily, coaching staffs should consider combining or mixing teams in the second half.  The league wants to encourage competitive games and the best sportsmanship as possible.


Positive Coaching Alliance